Frequently Asked Questions

I am ready to buy hosting but I am not sure which hosting plan is right for me?

Our hosting plans are carefully designed to match specific business needs. Our customer care experts are always happy to help and consult our customers to figure out hosting plan. Simply contact us and we will help you out.

I am all setup, how do I upload my website to server?

After you make purchases, we immediately send you account details. It includes FTP credentials as well. You can also access your file manager via cPanel. File manager makes it very easy to upload your files via one click uploader.

Where do your servers reside?

Our servers physically exist in US and Canada.

I received an email stating that I am abusing server resources. What should I do?

You can always monitor resource usage via cPanel. But in case, you have exceeded server usage. You can contact our support expert to help you identify the reasons and the follow up actions that you may require to make such as upgrading your hosting plan.

I would like to upgrade my hosting plan. How do I do it?

Its great to hear that you like our services and would like to upgrade. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan by going to the account section after logging in to your and selecting the upgraded package and click checkout to make payment.