TCN Hosting

Powerful Web Hosting Service

All instance of “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to TCNHosting or any other party legally authorized by TCNHosting. Whereas “You”, “Your”,  “client” or “customer” refer to the person who purchase our services or legally allowed to act on behalf of such person.

All services provided by TCNHosting must be used for lawful purposes only. Usage of our services, in way that may be in violation of any US Federal, State, or City law is firmly prohibited. Such unlawful activities may include:

  • Copyright material infringement
  • Hosting pornographic material
  • Hosting and distribution of pirated software
  • Trojans
  • Spamming
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Hacking or Phishing Attacks
  • Sale of controlled substances

Server Abuse

As a client your are responsible for all your accounts. Any attempt to make damage to our servers or other clients are strictly prohibited by us. Legal action may be taken in such case.

Spam Abuse

Sending unsolicited emails in bulk quantity is not only prohibited by us but its also considered as illegal in many states. Sending emails to customers subscribed to your services is allowed by us. If any of our IP address gets banned or black listed due to the actions you have taken, we may not only immediately suspend your account but we also have right to take legal action against you.


Although, we make scheduled backup as part of our regular procedure but the protection of hosted data is the responsibility of our customers. We will not accept any responsibility to provide you the backed up data in case you lose it.

Traffic Usage

We do not meter traffic to our servers by number of requests or pings. But to maintain quality of our services we allow every customer to use predetermined amount of bandwidth. Upon 80% of usage we may notify our customers about the usage so they have enough time to upgrade their hosting accounts.

VPS Accounts

Other any illegal activities, we also prohibited following activities on our VPS accounts:

  • Hosting fraudulent sites.
  • any software that tests the maximum capability of CPU.
  • scripts that involve spamming, mailservers, or mass marketing of any kind.
  • performing brute force and other vulnerability-checking programs, even if for security purpose.
  • crawling / scraping or making extensive number of requests to other sites.
  • interfere with any other system / network, data or personal information.
  • hosting data that is violent, harmful, offensive or disrespect the rights of other cizitens.
  • scripts that contain viruses, worms, trojans, stress testing, IP manipulation or bots that may result in high CPU usage.

Refusal of service

For any account / client, we reserve the right deny or refuse to renew services to any client at any point in time.